Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hello World !

This september I did the 21 day sugar free detox with an awesome gang of girls in sunny SG , and boy was that an eye opener . Right from getting to know the hidden sugars in innocuous food items , to getting mindful about what we eat , to reading food labels , to meeting these lovely ladies who were a brilliant support system. The best part is I finally lost the baby fat that was making me so miserable . I loved the whole experience so much that I have decided to make it a more permanent part of my life . Ok probably not as strict as the 21 days , but very close . 

I started this blog to chronicle the food I experiment with that suits this new life style . I'm planning to document the recipes I used, links to the sites I refer to as well as outside food that suits the sugar free gluten free lifestyle . This is more like a diary for me to remember the recipes that work for me , but if some one else can gain out of it , that would be great .

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